Surf in Maldives


The two principal surfing Maldives areas include North Male Atoll and Outer Atolls. You must visit North Male Atoll during April to October and the Outer Atolls during February to April.

The surfing equipments include a normal short board and a mid-range gun. Remember to take a vest or long-sleeved rash guard for protection against the sun. Booties are a necessity especially for the sharp corals found all over the atolls.

Surfing in Maldives North Male Atoll

The North Male Atolls contain well-known surfing spots like Cokes, Lohis, Sultans, Chickens, Honkys, Jailbreaks and Ninjas. These surf-breaks offer exhilarating facilities for high performance surfers, and help them to rise to the heights of 3-8fts on water. 

Maldives Surfing Boats Experiences

There are special surfing boats, which allow total flexibility, maximizing your surfing time. While you are surfing in these boats, you can wake up to perfect waves at sunrise, enjoy a gourmet breakfast and also the best fishing in the world.

You can continue to snorkel or surf till sunset. You can also experience windsurfing, kite surfing and water surfing, which promise pure fun.

Maldives Outer Atolls

The other surfing Maldives sites are in Outer atolls, which contain innumerable potent world class reef breaks that are rarely surfed.

Considering the right wind and swell conditions, the best time to surf in this place is during the months of February, March and April. This area can only be accessed by means of a well-equipped surf charter vessel. The surf in the Outer Atolls is usually a few feet bigger than the North Male Atolls.

The Maldives has become a dream destination for surfers looking for exotic waves and is one of the awesome surfing destinations for all to enjoy.

Maldives surfing redefines the concept of luxury surfing vacation where you can experience the warm kiss of the waves washing your body and refreshing your mind and spirit, alike.

Emblematic of high-end serenity, Maldives surfing trips are simply unique as they offer double facility of enjoying the surfing tours in luxury ships as well as surf in the crystal clear blue waters of Maldives.

So while your non-surfer friend can enjoy the luxuries of traveling in ships, you can drown in the ebullient Maldives waters to enjoy fabulous surfing in Maldives.

Best time Surf in Maldives

Weather in Maldives is influenced by two monsoons – the northeast monsoons and the southwest monsoons. The Maldives surf season begins from late February to mid November with the best waves coming in during March to May and then again in September till the end of November.

During the surf seasons, the average size of the reef breakers ranges from 4-5 feet, sometimes even rising to a height of 8 to 10 feet.

Where to visit

There are principally two major Maldives surfing areas – North Male Atoll [season: April-October] and the Outer Atolls [season – February-April].

You won’t find any spare surfing gear in the Maldives, so bring all the boards you might need. However, a two board quiver is sufficient, with a short board and a semi-gun (6’8’’ to 7’2’’) for bigger days. It is very rare that the surf exceeds 8 feet.

Bring booties to protect yourself from the reef cuts, even if most people surf without them. Indeed, the take off zone is usually deep enough and the reef flat and dead. Wearing a helmet is recommended for bigger days.

A wetsuit or a shorty is not necessary in this warm and crystal-clear water. A rash guard or long sleeved T-shirt is highly recommended for sun protection. Bring along plenty of solar cream with high SPF, this is highlly recommended as you are on the equator.

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