Cruising the atolls of the Maldives is the best way to truly appreciate all what Maldives has to offer. Choose between a dive or sports fishing or surf safari or just to cruise through the islands. To enjoy the best of Maldives, cruise though the many uninhabited islands of Maldives or explore some of the greatest dive sites of the world. The choice is yours.
Cruise Vessels or Liveaboards vary from offering the basic accommodation to ultimate luxury and amenities.



A live-a-board boat journey is certainly the best way to surf. With no set itinerary or base, you’ll enjoy the flexibility to follow the swells to whichever location is best on the day. It allows you to sample more breaks and find secluded locations with nobody out. Anchoring next to the break allows you more surf time than a resort stay. And there’s nothing quite like sunset drinks anchored in a calm lagoon. Overnight anchorages are always in cozy waters.



Beneath the still, crystalline waters of  Maldives ,  a colourful, fascinating world lays waiting to be discovered. Explore rich underwater ecosystem with a Maldives dive trips on Scuba boat trips,  In addition to excursions, scuba cruises also offer a range of beginner, specialty courses. Swim past brilliant coral and dazzling sea creatures by day, or sign up for an evening dive to marvel at the fluorescent glow of nocturnal species. Discover the breadth and beauty of local marine life, and see why our Maldives underwater is considered one of the best dive sites in the world.



Fishing is one of the main activities around the Maldives and during the day sports fishing in Maldivian seas will most likely be successful. Our boat “Scorpius” has been specifically designed for sports fishing and boasts all the latest fishing equipment associated with landing the ultimate pelagic species that inhabit the Indian Ocean. Expect to latch on to species such as Yellow Fin tuna, Barracuda, Trevally, Wahoo, Sail fish and Dorado.

Depending on the target species we can use a variety of light trolling gear and small live baits, to help maximize your change at a strike. You can be sure that even the smallest of Jack fish will put up excellent sport for the angling enthusiast.


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