Inbound travel Insurance

Recommended Travel Insurance package for all Odisons Holidays customers/travelers.

Below Insurance package provided by Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives.

Please note that Insurance policy will be applied on request basis only.

SECTION A – Personal Accident
The sum insured (total value) will be paid as shown in the schedule of benefits for one of the following
losses resulting from an accident sustained by you.
1. Death.
2. Loss of limb(s).
3. Loss of sight or permanent total disablement.
Loss must occur within 180 days of the date of accident. Where more than one loss is suffered, the total
amount payable shall not exceed the maximum amount shown in the schedule of the policy.
SECTION B – Emergency Medical Services
Emergency medical services will be provided up to the amount shown in the schedule of benefits
in case of an accidental bodily injury or becoming ill:
1. Cost of medical, surgical or hospital treatment available in Maldives, (including necessary emergency dental treatment up to US$150 for the immediate relief of pain only).
2. Cost of transporting the remains to the home country, or the cost of funeral in the country where death occurs up to US$3,000.
SECTION C – Hospital Benefits
Your in-patient costs will be covered as shown in the schedule of benefits, as a result of an accidental injury or illness which is covered under section B.
SECTION D – Travel Delay
In the event of the scheduled flight is delayed for more than 24 hours, we will pay $200 per every 24 hours upto maximum of US$1000.
SECTION E – Loss Of Passport
We shall be responsible for the reimbursement of actual expenses up to the limit shown in the schedule of benefits which are necessarily and reasonably incurred by you in connection with obtaining permits to travel in the event that you may lose your passport.
SECTION F – Personal Liability
We shall cover you up to the amount shown in the schedule of benefits for the legal liability of your accidental injury to third parties and/or accidental damage to their property. This cover is applicable only in respect of liability under the law of Republic of the Maldives
A Personal accident death
Loss of limb: $25,000
Permanent total disability: $25,000
Death benefits for children & adults
over 70 yrs: $5,000
B Emergency medical expenses $50,000 $100
C Hospital benefits
$10 for each day (24 hrs) of
hospitalization up to maximum
for $ 100
D Travel delay
US$ 200 for each day(24hrs)
Maximum US$ 1000
E Loss of passport $150 Nil
F Personal liability $100,000
$200 in respect of
third party property
damaged claims only














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